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Draining the Main Vain | Bathroom Leak Detection

Ever have your shower drain clogged? Usually, hair and shower products are the culprit. Have you ever noticed a leak from your shower drain? Unnoticeable at first, drain leaks allow water to sneak around the outside of the drain where it’s connected to the tub or shower. These leaks are common with plastic, fiberglass tubs, and shower pans. They can also stain or destroy the ceiling below or rot floor joists.

Leak Signs:

  • Water stains on the ceiling or joist below
  • Loose flooring near the tub or damp floors.

The Source:

  • If you can see the underside of the drain, partially fill the tub/shower and then release the water. Check the drain if water leaks after the release.
  • If there isn’t access to the underside of the drain, plug the drain with a test plug (purchased at home improvement store). Add a small puddle of water near the drain. Wait an hour and if the water shrinks, the drain is leaking.

The Fix:

  • Unscrew the drain flange from above to repair a tub drain. Clean the flange and apply silicone caulk. Remove the rubber gasket under the tub drain hole. Replace rubber gasket and screw-in the drain flange.
  • If you have drain access below, tighten the ring nut that locks the drain to the shower drain. If the leak persists then replace the drain assembly.

These tips should help with finding and fixing your tub/shower drain leak. You can always contact us at All Good Plumbers for all your plumbing needs.

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